DexPortal's governance vault is a fork of Curve DAO’s governance. We believe this is one of the best models to align the incentives of the platform with loyal token holders. You’ll be able to choose how long you want to lock up your $PRTL tokens, from a minimum of 1 week to a maximum of 200 days. In return, you will receive wPRTL (also can be earned by staking system) tokens which will represent your share in the governance rewards pool as well as your voting power for the upcoming governance functions in Q4 2022.
The amount of wPRTL you’ll receive will be calculated based on the amount of DexPortal deposited and the remaining lock duration. The longer you lock up for, the more wPRTL you will receive, which translates into a higher multiple on your rewards APY and governance voting power.
Governance Voting Power: More wPRTL = more votes for governance proposals. This is coming in the second half of the product release for this governance vault in Q4 of 2022.